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Appreciate Your Gifts In The Present

One of the common results of the mad pace of our contemporary lives is the imaginary notion that the best of life is over the next hill, a few years ahead or just down the road. But when we believe that happiness is in the future, the future never comes. There is an old saying which goes "If you aren't happy now, you never will be". The point is clear, we need to find the good things of life as we go along. All too often we spend our time getting ready to live and then discover there is no time left to live. Another way of saying the same thing is whether while we are getting all the things money can buy we are losing the things money won't buy. If so, maybe we should give up a few of the first for a few of the second. The great inventor Marconi created the first radio when he was just a young man. His life became complicated by fame and fortune. One day he was badly late for a news conference to the dismay of the reporters waiting for him. Later it was discovered that he was busy mending a doll brought to him by a six year old girl. He would not leave the job unfinished. God gives us every day filled with blessings. The beauty of nature, the wonder of the love of family and friends, the opportunity to help someone in need, laughter, song, the joy of knowing that He loves us and that in Christ we will live with Him forever. The time to rejoice in these gifts and enjoy them is today, not some other time in the future. Remember, the person who is always saying maybe tomorrow is soon left with a lot of empty yesterdays.


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