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Effective immediately, end of COVID-19 Mass restrictions (effective June 6, 2021)

Per this week's letter to the diocese from Most Reverend Peter A. Libasci, Bishop of Manchester, all restrictions and procedures put in place to keep our faithful protected during the Pandemic, have been lifted. Except for the bringing up of the Gifts, the exchange of the Sign of Peace, and the Distribution of the Precious Blood (all of which shall remain suspended for the time being), the Liturgy will be celebrated as before the pandemic.

"While a positive trend is very much anticipated to continue in New Hampshire, directives may be reinstated if there is a change of circumstances. Our continued care for the most vulnerable will help to keep us on a positive track. The wearing or not wearing of a mask at Mass will now be at the option of the individual. In making a decision whether to wear a mask, those who have not been vaccinated must be mindful of the need to take other safeguards for the care of self and others, as recommended by public health authorities. In any event, let us not shame or admonish other people whatever course of action they decide to take. As was the case before the pandemic, those who are sick should not attend Mass. This would include those who recently have been exposed to COVID or any other communicable illness. Thank you for the depth of support you extended to your parishes during this difficult time, and for placing the health and safety of your sisters and brothers above your own comfort and convenience."

While social distancing is no longer required, St Joseph the Worker will have a special section in the church available for those individuals who still wish to practice it. Please check with one of our Ministers of Hospitality if you wish to be seated in this section.

We will continue to livestream our weekend Masses.

The suspension of the Sunday 8am Mass will remain in effect with plans to reinstitute it in the near future.



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