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The Existence of Our Universe is Only Explained by Eternal Wisdom

When we think about the universe, science can and should uncover all the facts it can about how it all works. Science has and hopefully will continue to uncover the processes of physical nature. But science cannot answer the question why anything should exist at all. Why is there something rather

than nothing? Where did the pinpoint of matter and energy that preceded the big bang come from?

Science cannot answer these questions. It simply accepts the existence of this primordial matter

without being able to explain how it exists. Furthermore science cannot explain why the mathematical laws that govern everything and lead ultimately to life exist the way they do. Is it only

random chance? In his book Man Does Not Stand Alone, A.C. Morrison suggests this experiment. Mark ten pennies #1 to #10. Put them in your pocket and shake them. Now try to draw them out in sequence from #1 to #10, putting each coin back after each draw. The chances of drawing #1 are one in ten. The chances of drawing #1 and #2 in succession are one in a hundred. The chances of drawing #1, #2, and #3 in succession are one in a thousand. The odds continue to mount until the chances of drawing #1 to #10 in succession skyrocket to one in one billion. This experiment strongly suggests that only the existence of an eternal Wisdom adequately explains

the existence of our universe. As the psalmist says, “He has decided the number of the stars and calls each one by name. Great and mighty is our Lord: his wisdom cannot be measured”. (Ps 147)


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