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All Life Is Liturgy

There is no such thing as “being religious” or “being spiritual”. There is truth and there is falsehood.

There is good and there is evil. There is beauty and there is ugliness. There is life and there is death. But there is not “spirituality” and “materiality”, or “the sacred” and “the secular”. Those are artificial abstractions, man-made, mind-made, distinctions. The others are not. They are the big ones. Why are there special “religious” actions: liturgy? And special “religious” words: creeds? And special “religious” times: Sabbaths? And special “religious” places: churches? They are reminders of what is real always and everywhere. They are not vacations from reality, like oases in the desert. All life is liturgy. All words are creeds. All times are Sabbaths. All places are churches. But we all have attention deficit disorder: we are forgetful. And unless we see God in special places and times we will forget to see Him in any place and time. (Thanks to Peter Kreeft in Before I Go)


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