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RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults): Would you like to assist others in coming to know Christ and becoming Catholic, by sharing your knowledge and love of Christ and His Church? Are you interested in knowing Christ, and His love for you? Are you interested in becoming Catholic or receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation? If so then please consider volunteering to be part of the RCIA team, or consider participating in the program as you journey towards Christ and His Church. 



Deacon Roland Leduc


Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee plans, with the pastor, all areas of parish worship, including Sunday liturgies, holy days and special prayer services for special needs. It coordinates the training of liturgical ministers and oversees the art and environment of the church.



John Martin

Eucharistic Minister

Men & women serve the parish community by assisting the celebrant in distributing the Eucharist. Another important aspect of this ministry is to bring the Eucharist to the homebound of our community. EMs are also responsible for preparing the sacred vessels before the liturgy and for cleaning them afterward.



Jack Collins


The lector proclaims the Word of God during Mass. Through the proclamation of the Word, the presence of the Lord is among us. In the absence of the Deacon, the lector reads the General Intercessions after the Homily and reads the announcements after Communion.



Pat Hurd

Altar Server (Adult)

Adults are needed for daily morning Mass as well as other liturgies at which the youth altar servers cannot be present (i.e. weekday funerals).

Altar Server.jpg


Jack Collins

Altar Server (Youth)

The youth assist the priest in celebration of Mass as well as other liturgies such as weddings and funerals. To be eligible, the youth must have received First Holy Communion. After attending training sessions, the youth is commissioned and begins his or her ministry of altar server.



Jack Collins

Saint Joseph Teen Choir

Saint Joseph's Teen Choir provides an opportunity for young people to dig deeper into contemporary music ministry in a fun, informal environment. Besides singing year-round at 2 or more 10 am. Sunday Masses each month, the Teens sing at Confirmation and First Communion masses and at other special events throughout the year. By their involvement, the Teens serve as faith role models for other young people in the parish. As an outgrowth of the Youth Choir, the Teen Choir is open to students in Grade 6 and up. Middle schoolers must be active Youth Choir members. As the group size is limited, singers are invited to try out for spots as they become available.

teen choir4_edited.jpg


Tom Lynch

Saint Joseph Youth Choir

The mission of the Saint Joseph's Youth Choir is to enhance the Mass celebration by leading the parish community in prayer through songs of worship and praise. Through the children's involvement in Youth Choir, we strive to inspire and engage them in the joy of praising God through song, teach them the importance of actively participating in the mass, and help them develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

teen choir4_edited.jpg


Chris Wenrich


Evangelization Committee

This committee assists the pastor in reaching out to new people moving into our area to invite them to become members of our parish family. It provides outreach to parishioners who no longer regularly worship with us. And, it develops ways of helping all members of the parish deepen their faith in the message of the Lord.

Communication Committee

This committee assists the pastor with managing the various communication channels within the parish including the website, facebook, narthex displays and sign messages.

Facilities Committee

This committee of 7-8 parishioners, with business and contractor backgrounds, come together to help the Facility Manager run the parish, renew contracts, and maintain the physical plant. This committee meets as needed.


Robert Cormier

Faith Formation Committee

This committee advises and assists the Director of Faith Formation with all the Catechetical programs in the parish. Under the direction of the Pastor, the committee is also responsible for all the Adult Enrichment programs in the parish. This committee meets monthly. Recently, they assisted the Director in planning the transition to the restored order for the sacraments of initiation: baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist. The group is currently helping the Director develop a new program for middle school students.


Robert Carbonneau

Family Ministry Committee

The purpose of Family Ministry is to promote a sense of community among the parishioners by offering various social events. Meetings are as needed.

Finance Committee

The finance committee maintains the financial well-being of the parish by reviewing and approving budgets presented. The committee evaluates the spending needs of the parish and recommends cost saving ideas where appropriate. The committee itself meets quarterly. At these meetings the Business Manager consults with the team regarding financial issues pending and then presents the actual cost incurred through the most recent quarterly periods. The committee then reviews and analyzes variances relative to the budget for possible overages. This committee meets quarterly, plus extra for budgeting for planned year and reporting to the parish.

Fundraising Committee

This committee is responsible for raising money by running a few events a year that bring community together while focusing on raising funds to help defray the costs that may have incurred and were not budgeted. This committee meets as needed.

Good Steward Committee

This committee suggests to the Pastor ways to assist our family of faith in growing God's gifts of life, faith, family, work and our civic and parish communities. It recommends various volunteer opportunities and, several times a year, honors a member of our parish with the Good Steward Award for all that he or she has done for our parish and civic community.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee reaches out in many ways to our parish family: in welcoming new members, in promoting support for Corpus Christi Food Pantry  Assistance, Inc., in offering support to families who have lost a loved one, in offering best wishes to parishioners celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries, in reaching out to parish families in need and to area agencies at Christmas, and in responding in whatever way possible to individual needs of our parishioners. This committee meets on the last Wednesday of the month, plus additional meetings as needed.

Tithing Committee

The Tithing committee meets bimonthly to distribute the income set aside for tithing from the parish revenues. The committee members evaluate and respond to requests for assistance.

Parish Council

The primary mission of the council is to assist and advise the pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating, and reviewing the evangelization, worship, faith formation and service activities of the parish. The twelve members of the Pastoral Council are called forth by the parish community and selected through a discernment process. The term of office of a council member is three years. One third of the council is opened for discernment each year. Pastoral Council meetings are held monthly (September-May). Recent actions by the council include the coordination of the new Parish communications plan and strategy that has significantly improved our website and our social media presence and the issuance of and response to the Parish Survey that has resulted in many positive changes in the Parish. Our current focus is the Good Steward Weekend. Our goal is to let Parishioners know about all the volunteer opportunities in the Parish, help the members of our community see the good that many selfless people perform, and to inform them on how much effort it takes to make a Parish successful.


Provides an atmosphere of worship before the Blessed Sacrament for parishioners to draw closer to Jesus by spending time in His presence as we advance along the road to holiness and grow more into His likeness. Recruit Adorers for each hour that the Blessed Sacrament is exposed. Notify adorers when Adoration is canceled due to inclement weather or if a funeral Mass is scheduled during the Adoration time.

Bereavement Reception

This ministry provides support and assistance to bereaved families who will be using our parish hall to host receptions after the funerals of their loved ones.  Volunteers will be contacted on a rotating basis to help with setting up tables (including tablecloths and placemats) and chairs.  They may also be needed to greet bereaved family members and friends, serve coffee and food, pack up remaining food to send home with family members and clean up the hall and kitchen areas once the reception is over.  

Coffee & Donuts

This ministry is a service provided by members of the parish after both Sunday morning masses during the school year.

Healing Ministry

Prayer teams available after each Mass once a month in the Eucharistic Chapel. Parishioners receive healing prayer for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This is a confidential ministry of love, hope and acceptance for those in need of God's healing touch. This ministry brings peace and spiritual support for God's people.


A time for families to gather in our hall to share in conversation and baked goods or a small luncheon during the Easter season's Holy Hour and Easter Vigil; also, at First Communion and Confirmation. People on the committee are asked to contribute bake goods and/or certain portions for the luncheon.

Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is a fraternal service group of Catholic men. To be a member in the order, one must be a Catholic man, age 18 or over in good standing with the Church in accordance with the Holy See. The St. Joseph Council 12311 is very active in hosting many parish social and service activities. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month.

Office Volunteers

These volunteers are contacted to help with various parish office tasks such as 1) providing coverage of the front office which includes: greeting daily visitors, answering the phone, taking messages and possible light computer work, 2) stuffing bulletins or 3) helping with mailings.

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

CYO allows children of our parish to participate in a religious family organization, teach commitment, sportsmanship and leadership, as well as the sport of basketball or cheerleading. The CYO Board oversees the function of the organization in distributing responsibilities in the running of the organization. Practices are held evenings during the week in the parish hall September through March. The CYO committee meets monthly. For parents with children involved in the CYO Program, the Christian Formation Committee has developed guidelines for all participants in the CYO program.  Compliance with these guidelines is required to participate in any CYO activity. 

Scouting (Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts)

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law; Scouting has programs for youth ages 6 through 20 years old. Here at St, Joseph's we have programs for Cub Scouts (grades K through 5) and Scouts BSA (grade 6 through age 17). The Cub Scouts meet on week nights two to three times a month according to their level and once a month as a combined group. The Scouts BSA meet Thursdays from 7-9 pm in the parish hall. Both groups have trained leaders and a committee of adults who oversee the components of the programs. Each of these committees have a monthly meeting on either the 2nd or 3rd Monday of the month.