Teaching and commentary from our pastor, Bishop Francis Christian.

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Jan 23, 2022

Luke 1:1-4; 4:14-21


Jan 16, 2022

John 2:1-11


God does the work of salvation in the ordinary circumstances of everyday life.

Jan 9, 2022

Luke 3:15-16, 21-22


At his baptism Jesus dedicates himself to the will of the Father. We become a new creation at our baptism with a vocation to recreate the world the way God wants it to be.

Jan 2, 2022

Matthew 2:1-12


The journey of desire and sacrifice by the Lord to be with us is part of the gift of our salvation. Are we making the long journey of sacrifice and desire in order to serve Him?

Dec 31, 2021

Luke 2:16-21


New Years 2022: Let us live under the star, Jesus Christ, every day!

Dec 26, 2021

Luke 2:41-52


A holy family is not a perfect family rather one that sees each other as beloved sons and daughters of Christ.

Dec 25, 2021

Luke 2:1-14


The heart & soul of Christmas is at the manger where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Dec 19, 2021

Luke 1:39-45


Jesus is the light of the world and we should be the light of the world too.

Dec 12, 2021

Luke 3:10-18


Rejoice in the Lord! He will never fail you - even in the worst of times.

Dec 5, 2021

Luke 3:1-6


In a world where there are so many voices shouting out for our attention, we must listen first to the voice of Christ.

Nov 28, 2021

Luke 21:25-28, 34-36


Are we longing for the coming of the Lord? Open the window of your heart, your soul and your life; here He comes again!

Nov 14, 2021

Mark 13:24-32


When, at the end of your life, you look back at the 'pages of your life's journal' what will be written there? Will your pages be filled with faith, hope and love?

Nov 7, 2021

Mark 12:38-44


Who would Jesus admire most? Those who follow His example of sacrificial love.

Oct 31, 2021

Mark 12:28b-34


You can not love the Lord your God with all of your heart...without making time for worship.

Oct 24, 2021

Mark 10:46-52


Put all of your faith & trust in Jesus, He will give you what you need.

Oct 17, 2021

Mark 10:35-45


Christ is our forerunner, he leads us on safe passage to heaven and obtains mercy for us from the Father.

Oct 10, 2021

Mark 10:17-30


To be a true disciple we must do good for others; it is not enough to simply do them no harm.

Oct 3, 2021

Mark 10:2-16


Receive the kingdom of God with a child-like sense of trust, dependence, honesty, wonder, amazement, delight and joy.

Sep 26, 2021

Mark 9:38-43, 45, 47-48


The work of God is not limited to ones membership status. Following Him is all about service.

Sep 19, 2021

Mark 9:30-37


The Lord tells us today that the mark of a true disciple is one who lives in selfless, self sacrificing service to others.