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God's Wisdom Cannot Be Measured

Some years ago. A.C. Morison wrote a book entitled “Man Does Not Stand Alone”. In it he suggests this experiment. Mark ten pennies #1 to #10. Put them in your pocket and shake them. Now try to draw them out in sequence from #1 to #10 putting each coin back after each draw. The chances of drawing #1 are one in ten. The chances of drawing #1 and #2 in succession are one in a hundred. The chances of drawing #1, #2, and #3 in succession are one in a thousand. The odds continue to mount until the chances of drawing #1 to #10 in succession skyrocket to one in one billion. Morison uses this experiment to suggest that chance alone cannot explain the existence and order of the universe. He states that only an eternal Wisdom which stands behind all created reality can adequately account for all that is. We must never forget that it is only in the loving decision of God to create anything, including ourselves, that anything exists. Whenever we feel the joy of being alive, when we enjoy a glass of cold water or thrill to a beautiful sunset, we should be filled with thanksgiving to God for the wonder of it all. As Psalm 147 states, “He has decided the number of the stars and calls each one by name. Great and mighty is our Lord: His wisdom cannot be measured.”


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