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We Can't Be Part-Time Christians

“If anyone comes to me without turning his back....on his very self, he cannot be my disciple.” (LK:14 25 ff) In today’s Gospel, Jesus makes it clear that he wants only full-time followers. In reality, there is no way we can be part-time Christians any more than we can be a part-time human beings. To follow Christ is a decision and one that should not be made lightly. It is true that we receive the life of Christ when our parents present us for Baptism. But we truly become Christians when we decide to own our Baptism. Sadly, in reality there are far fewer true followers of the Lord than there are people who have gone through a ceremony and had water poured on their heads. A true disciple would never make an important decision without asking what it means for his or her faith. Where we are going to go to college, what work we are going to do, where will we live, will we marry, who

will we marry? None of these decisions are made by a believer unless they square with our discipleship. We must remember that discipleship.


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