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Diane Healy

Diane Healy was born and raised in Nashua, NH. Her parents Rita and Joseph Belanger were founding members of St. Joseph Parish. Diane was baptized at St. Joseph Parish in 1957 and her Godparents, Lucille and Gerald Belanger, were also founding members of the parish. Diane has two brothers, Paul and Andre, who were Altar Servers, and a sister, Mary Alice. Diane attended St. Joseph School on Lake Street for 8 years before attending Nashua High School. Upon graduation, she attended Hesser College where she earned an associate’s degree before going on to NH College where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, and then she earned her Master of Science Degree from Rivier College.

Diane began her career at BAE systems as a software engineer. After 20 years of after-hours calls and going into work in the wee hours of the morning, she transferred to the Engineering Tools and Services Department where she is currently a Senior Technical Support Analyst managing 20 million dollars in Software licenses. At work, she supports the Employee Participation Committee (one of her jobs is making popcorn every other Tuesday for the employees in her building); Employee Engagement Committee (which has functions that enable employees to interact with other employees they may not have met before); and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Diane is also a trained First Responder.

Diane has been involved in the St. Joseph Parish since 1981 beginning wit teaching Religious Education to the children of the parish after school. Following this, she began her outdoor ministry. She gardens at the church and rectory, decorates the rectory at Christmas time, and picks up the trash at the rectory. Diane is also responsible for instituting the recycling program at the church and rectory. Utilizing her technical background, Diane joined the Website Committee for which she posts the teachings for Bishop Christian on Facebook, posts the homily, and has recorded a special program series for the Parish website.

Diane is also a Eucharistic Minister, is involved with Outreach Communion, and Prayer leads at the 4 pm Mass. She is also involved with Mass Collections and is an Altar Server and a Mass Greeter. In the community, Diane is a core group member of the Rivier Prayer Community and a member of SELA (The Spirit of Elijah Lay Apostolate). When the cafe at BAE was collecting money to feed the poor, Diane would purchase groceries and deliver them to the Salvation Army food pantry.

Diane has 5 rescue animals: a turtle, a bird, 3 rabbits and a cat. Shortly after Diane’s Mother went to heaven, she felt the house was too quiet, so she adopted a rabbit she called Buttercup. Buttercup would lie at her feet at night like a dog and has been a source of laughter and entertainment for Diane. Her latest rescue is a cat she named Otis. Otis was abused by a previous owner and after a fully ear of veterinary care, Otis is now back to being healthy. When Diane adopted Otis, he did not know how to play; however, seeing him now play with Buttercup is heartwarming. Otis continues to discover toys and how to play with them. In appreciation of iane’s love and care, he is never far from her when she is at home.

In her spare time, Diane loves woodworking, art, writing, and gardening including two banana trees among her indoor plants. Diane likes to express herself artistically by taking outdoor elements like abandoned bee hives and bird nests to create art, centerpieces, and little scenes. Diane’s favorite thing, however, is to spend time with family and she can’t wait to retire so she can spend even more time with them and continue to serve the community.

Our parish gratefully recognizes all that Diane has done and continues to do to build up God’s Kingdom among us and we ask God’s blessings upon her and her loved ones.

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