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Terri Dieckhoff

“God is amazing, trust in Him.  HE will take care of you through everything” exclaims Terri.

Therese Ann (Urban) Dieckhoff was born in Dayton, Ohio.  She was baptized, lovingly raised and educated in the suburbs near her birthplace.

In 1986, Terri met the man she describes as “the love of her life and best friend”.  Terri and Jim were married 3 years later in September 1989.   Jim and Terri also worked together, and just five years into their marriage, their jobs lead them to Hollis, New Hampshire.

Terri says that she had always loved the Mass growing up, but found herself “falling away in college”.  It was only at the pleasant, persistent invitation of her sister (visiting our Parish from Ohio) that brought Terri back to Mass and to St. Joseph the Worker in August of 2016.

It didn’t take Terri very long before getting involved in our parish life and ministries.  Over the past five years Terri has been a faithful contributor to:

  • Pastoral Council  2017-2018

  • Communications Committee coordinator

  • New Parish Sign Committee Coordinator

  • Lector

  • Eucharistic Minister (Terri’s first Ministry; bringing Eucharist to Jim)

  • Member of Parish Live Stream Committee

  • Weekly Rosary Devotion Leader

  • Parish Book Club Coordinator

  • Parish Covid Response Team Member

  • Minster of Hospitality

  • Eucharistic Adoration

Over this same 5 year period Terri was also very lovingly attending to Jim, who was critically ill and bedridden.  Terri had to let Jim go home to the Lord on December 12, 2019.

Terri has given our parish a beautiful and selfless gift.  And with that gift, she brought with her an infusion of the rejuvenating light of the Holy Spirit - and she found in you, our parishioners, a wonderfully warm and welcome reception!

Terri will be moving back home to family in Ohio in July 2021.  She will be dearly missed here just as she admits that “it will be painful for (her) to leave.”  “But”, she adds, “Trust in God because HE’s got this.  HE’s presenting me with new opportunities”.

Thanking God for the gift of our Parish Community, The Good Steward Committee prayerfully recognizes Terri Dieckhoff for her contributions to St. Joseph the Worker Parish and to the building up of the Lords Kingdom here in Nashua, NH.

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