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Christ Comes To Us Every Day

At the beginning of the musical “West Side Story” a young man named Tony sings ‘Something’s Coming’ in which he expresses his belief that something wonderful in going to happen to him although he does not know exactly what it is. That very night, of course, he will meet the lovely Maria and fall in love. Meanwhile, he lives in the excited anticipation of whatever it is that he feels is going to occur. It seems to me that the Season of Advent, which we enter into this weekend, is a lot like that. We are meant to live in the excited anticipation of someone who is coming, that someone of course being God himself in the person of Christ. God breaks into our world, dark with alienation and sin, to bring us light and life. He comes to search us out and rescue us from the futility of living without Him. Perhaps for us who live more than 2000 years after this intervention into our history, it is difficult to experience this sense of anticipation and excitement. But perhaps we need to

remember that the first coming of the Lord is to be understood as the beginning of many comings. He who came once comes to us again every day. Whether it be in the sacraments, in the words of scripture, in and through the workings of others in our lives or in various circumstances that are presented to us, God himself wants to break into our lives with salvation for us. We need to be alert to those comings to receive what He offers us. But how exciting to know that each day is a salvation day. Furthermore, how exciting to anticipate His final coming when He will bring all things to completion and perfection. Maybe we will not be alive in this world when that day occurs. But it will be glorious and will bring us to our final fulfillment. During this Advent, let us pray then that we may be open and ready for the coming of the Lord in all of His comings and rejoice in them.


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