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Don't Take All of God's Gifts For Granted

One day a teacher asked her third grade students, “Which is more important, the sun or the moon?” “The moon”, said little Jessica. “Why do you say that?” asked the teacher. “Well”, said Jessica, “the moon gives us light at night when we really need it, while the sun gives us light during the day when we really don’t need it.” After thinking about Jessica’s response for a minute, we realize that her attitude toward the sun mirrors the attitude we sometimes have toward God. Jessica took daylight for granted, forgetting that it came from the sun. In a similar way, we take all sorts of gifts for granted, forgetting they come from God. Each day when we get up, that day of life is a gift from God. ln fact, each breath we take, the oxygen we breathe, is God’s gift. The water we use to drink and clean and cook and swim in, the food that we eat, the talents and skills that allow us to make a living, the people who love us and walk with us through life, the times we laugh, and sing and dance, all of these are in one way or another God’s gifts. And of course, Jesus Himself is God’s gift, come among us to overcome sin and death and bring us home to heaven. When we consider this, we should be a truly thankful people. In fact, the basic stance of a Christian should be thanksgiving, not only one day a year, but every day of our lives. As the Psalmist says, “Sing praise to the Lord all faithful people. Remember what the Holy One has done and give thanks.” (Psalm 30:4)


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