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God Poets With What Speaks To Us

Recently I came across a reflection on the Feast of the Holy Trinity which we celebrate this weekend. I found it interesting and offer it to you for your reflection.

Most of us do not like anyone messing with our poetry, whatever our form of poetry. Some people grow impatient with films that do not follow the story line of the original novel. Musicians take issue with interpretations of classic compositions. Children are upset with parents who change the ending of a bedtime tale or skip a scene or even a line. There are people passionate about those who dare to colorize early black and white films. Why all this on the feast of the Trinity? Because the scriptures paint God as a poet. If singers sing and dancers dance, if builders build and toddlers toddle, then poets poet, and God poets best of all. God poets with happenings instead of with words. God poets with daydreams and fantasy and all sorts of pretend because when you’re very young that’s all you can hear. God poets with wisdom, the sort that takes many years to grow because sometimes people grow so old that that’s all they have left - lots and lots of wisdom, and so that’s what they understand best. God poets with love so that hardened hearts can be cracked open and hear a new song. God even poets with death, just so we’ll be sure not to miss resurrection when it happens. Don’t you see? God’s a poet because there’s no other way to tell us about it all. So, don’t mess with anybody’s poetry. Because life is so awesome, God tells it in poetry, in glimpses of spirit as is Holy Spirit. Life is better understood as a poem than as a news report.


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