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God’s Providence

Beginning this week and during Bishop Christian’s knee replacement recuperation, we’ll be using the J.S. Paluch Company bulletin resources and the “Living the Word” scripture reflections for our weekly reflections.

Today’s readings celebrate God’s providence. No matter how wonderful (or heartbreaking) our relationships are, God always provides for us. No one cares for us the way God does. Isaiah delights us with a deeply intimate image of God caring for us “as a mother comforts her child.” The prophet describes us not as the usual “children of God,” but as “babies.” We should not resist this image, but rejoice in it. Trusting in God’s care, we can all let down our guard and rest like infants in the lap of our mother. Saint Paul’s trust in God allows him to be at peace like this. He boldly declares that no one can “make troubles” for him, because he has given himself completely to Jesus. And when Jesus sends his disciples out to preach and heal, he challenges them not to provide for themselves, but to let faith be their guide.

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