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God Wants to Speak to You. Are You Ready to Listen?

Many years ago during a time of economic depression, a room was filled with applicants for a job opening as a telegraph operator. The drone of conversation competed with a steady flow of dots and dashes. The door to the room opened and yet another applicant entered the room. He stood

there a minute and then walked over to a door marked PRIVATE and knocked. A man opened it and said to all the other people waiting, “You may all go; we have our applicant”. The others were furious and demanded an explanation. The man said, “Listen”. They did. The dots and dashes kept

repeating over and over again. “If you hear this, come in: the job is yours.” This story helps to remind us that God is constantly speaking to us, but we often do not listen. When we look around our world and see so much chaos, dysfunction and sadness, is it not true that most of it exists because we do not listen to what God continues to teach us in Christ? Over and over, in his teaching, he urges us to be merciful, to be generous, to resist violence, to see every other person as a brother and sister loved by the same Father. He instructs us, in other words, to love one another as God loves us. But many times we simply do not listen. And so, we dwell in sorrow. Does the Lord weep over us as he wept over ancient Jerusalem because it’s people would not accept Him?


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