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God Will Come When It's Time

Recently I came across a meditation for the season of Advent in the little book “Advent Moments” by C. Neil Strait and Stan Toler. I found it helpful and offer it to you for your prayer.

God is amazing. With a world to keep track of, made up of too many who do not like His tracking, He’s a God of timing, faithfulness and word-keeping. Has He ever been late? No. Ever defaulted on a promise? No. Walk through the corridors of history, and what do you find? Faithfulness written on every page. After every journey we take through the tough nights of the soul, our conclusion is “He’s been faithful to me.”

Advent, you see, is not about a Baby only or a teenage mother or a trusting husband. It’s about God coming at just the right time for you and me. All this took place to fulfill a word that God had given decades ago. It all took place so you and I could have a Savior. The fascinating thought about God is His awesome care. A billion things could have His attention. Less than a dozen foul us up. Yet “all this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet.” (Mt 1:22). One of the lessons here is that God sees word-keeping as a priority. Every time we see a rainbow, it serves as a reminder of God’s covenant—and His faithfulness. The Advent of Jesus is a reminder that God is never late. Whatever need or fear or heartbreak you bear, take hope. God will come when it’s time. Turn your amazement into acceptance. That’s why He came, not to amaze us, but to redeem us, to be invited into our hearts, our need, our fears. Think on this: that Jesus came is not a surprise if you know anything about God. That so many have not welcomed Him is the surprise.


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