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It is not only what we do...

St. George’s Chapel in London was built as a memorial to air raid victims in World War II. In the chapel are four large books containing the names of 60,000 victims. One page of one book lies open at a time. Each day the page is turned to a new set of names. As you read a name on the page you have no way of knowing if that person was rich or poor, ugly or fair. Nor does it matter. All that maters is what the person did with the time allotted him or her by God. Poet Phyllis McGinley says, “When I was seven...I wanted to be a tight rope dancer...At fifteen my ambition was the stage. Now in my sensitive declining years, I would give be a saint.” The Book of Revelation states, “All the dead were judged according to what they had done.” (20:13) Have my goals and ambitions changed over the years? If I could begin my life over what is one change I would consider making? Why? There is an ancient saying which teaches, ”It is not only what we do but also what we do not do for which we are held accountable”.


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