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Re-membering how we live our faith

During Bishop Christian’s knee replacement recuperation, we’ll be using the J.S. Paluch Company bulletin resources and the “Living the Word” scripture reflections for our weekly reflections.

A friend of mine makes a play on the word “remember” and suggests that we re-member or remake life out of past experience. We re-member an event to understand how it happened and what it means for us, like the agents on the various TV detective or crime shows. They take the information they discover and try to re-member how the crime occurred. The victim’s background and the crime scene provide information that helps them solve the crime.

Our readings ask us to do something similar. We remember the faith of our ancestors to re-member how we live our faith today. Wisdom recalls how God intervened to save the Israelites when they first left Egypt. The author invites the hearers of these words to look for God in their new situation in order to re-member how they live their faith. The Letter to the Hebrews recalls the faith of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac, who did not see God’s promises fulfilled. Their trust in God’s promises spurred them on, so remember their faith to re-member and strengthen your faith. Luke’s admonition not to fear is offered to people who wonder if Jesus will return. They’re tired. Luke tells them to remember that God has given you the kingdom, so keep watch and re-member how to live so as to be ready when Jesus does return. In every Eucharist, we remember the words and ways of Jesus to make him present now and re-member how we live our faith. Celebrating word and sacrament can give us fresh eyes so that we can see and invite Jesus to re-member our community of faith, and refresh our trust that God’s promise continues to be fulfilled today. Remember to re-member.


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