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Restoring Trust: 20-Year Timeline

The entire Body of Christ has suffered as a result of the sexual abuse of our most vulnerable members. We can never cease in praying for the innumerable victim-survivors and their family members. To that end, prayer resources can be found here.

Since 2002, the Diocese of Manchester has engaged in numerous restorative and prevention efforts aimed at ensuring a safe environment for minors and vulnerable persons. These efforts are summarized in our 2022 Special Report, which was issued in 2022 to recognize the 20th anniversary of the Charter for the Protection of Children.

These ongoing initiatives represent a dramatic shift from a culture of silence and lack of awareness about sexual abuse to one of awareness and transparency. We are proud of these efforts but also commit to striving for constant improvement.

Learn more in the Restoring Trust: 20-Year Timeline or visit the Diocese website.



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