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The Answer to Our Spiritual Hunger

Two people in weight control programs were reflecting together on what tends to cause them to overeat. One person said, “I’ve noticed that I always overeat whenever I am bored or depressed.” The other said, “I do the same things. And lately I’ve begun to wonder whether my boredom and depression is caused by a spiritual hunger which I then try to satisfy with material food and drink.” A very good question, I think. But this spiritual hunger is something that each one of us, and indeed every person that has ever lived, experiences. Some years ago, the lyric of the song “Alfie” expressed it well, “What’s it all about? Is it just for the moment we live?” Much of the restlessness of modern life comes from the fact that people can’t answer for themselves, the “life” questions, the ultimate questions about human existence. Where do I come from? Where am I going. What should I be doing while I’m here? And so forth. We will never be rooted and be able to find peace and joy until those questions are answered. And Jesus provides us those answers. Each of us is created as a unique person by a loving Father. Each of us is called to work while we are here for a world of justice, love, peace, and truth. And someday we will be called home to the fullness of God’s Kingdom. Jesus calls himself the bread of life and he gives us the spiritual food that grounds and fills our lives. He is the answer to our spiritual hunger.


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