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The Nail Prints In His Hands Spell Out Your Name

I read the following recently and found it very thought provoking. I hope you will too.

Am I great or what? Compared with what? With others? Why compare myself with others? What then is our ground for self- esteem? That God loved each one of us into existence, by design (He has no unwanted children), and deemed us so important that even when we “no’d” Him, He didn’t “no” us but “yes’d” us. In fact He gave us Himself, His life, and His life’s blood; He died so that we could live. He ceased to be so that we could be. And He didn’t do that for “dear occupant,” He did it for you. He would have done no less if you had been the only person in the world. In fact, you are the only person in the world, and so am I. That’s what love is: when you love someone, that someone is the only person in the world to you. (Remember His parables of God’s love: the prodigal son, the lost sheep.) They get 100% of your attention and love, not 10%, or 50%, or 99%. How could God do any less than we do when we love? He didn’t die for humanity. Humanity is an idea, an abstraction, a concept. Fools and politicians talk about dying for concepts; actual soldiers die for their buddies. Humanity doesn’t exist. You do. The nail prints in His hands spell out your name.


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