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Three Minutes In Prayer...

Each year when the Feast of the Holy Trinity is celebrated, we are reminded that God is much more than we can comprehend. But we are in good company. St. Augustine and the greatest of the church fathers and theologians down through the ages have struggled and puzzled over our Triune God. How can God be Three in One? How can there be One God, but three Persons? Of course we wouldn’t even be asking these questions if Christ had not revealed that this is the reality of God. He is the one who taught us about the Father with whom He is one and from whom the Holy Spirit is sent to enliven us. Without Christ’s teaching we would never reason to the Trinity. Yet, it is comforting to know that God is greater than we can ever begin to imagine. If we could comprehend God he would need to be on our level, and why would we believe in something no greater than us. In the final analysis, I think that the Trinity is not a reality to be understood as much as lived. We need to find a way to relate to the truth of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in our daily lives. Here is one suggestion. At the end of the day take three minutes in prayer. Spend the first minute reflecting on the best things that happened during the day. Then thank God the Father who is the creator and source of everything for those things. During the second minute, think about the failures of the day. Then ask God the Son, who is our redeemer, to help overcome those mistakes and sins. In the third minute call to mind the things that will be the greatest challenge the next day. Ask God the Holy Spirit for the wisdom and courage to handle those things well. In this way we are relating in an

authentic way to each of the Persons of the Trinity even when the mystery of the Trinity will always be a mystery.


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