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We Come Into This World From The Hand Of God

One day recently, I went to the mall on my day off. At one point I bought an Orange Julius and was just sitting at a table watching the people walk by, go in and out of stores, grab something to eat

at the food court and so forth. So many people, each with their own life story, their own hopes and fears, their own private worries, their own successes and failures, their own nexus of

family and friends, their own chapters of life yet to be written before, at some unknown moment sooner or later, they will be called from this world. It struck me how much alike we all are. We

all share the same things, each in our own way. We all have the same needs. We all are equal partakers of this thing we call human nature. No matter where we live, how old we are, our race

or sex, we have more in common in that basic humanity than anything that makes us different. Yet how hard it is for us to remember that and treat each other accordingly. More than anything else, the thing that we have in common is that each of us comes into this world from the hand of God,

each of us is a unique and special creation of the Father who loves us. If we could only remember that about ourselves and everyone else, would not that enable us to see each other more clearly as brothers and sisters and would we not then understand everyone and the whole world in a different way?


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