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What Do We Serve?

”No servant can serve two masters...You cannot serve both God and mammon.” (Lk. 16:13) A third of Jesus’ parables talk about money. He had likely been a small businessman in a carpenter shop in Nazareth. He didn’t disdain money or disparage making an honest living. Money is needed to care for one’s family. But he did challenge his followers to keep money in its proper place. God is God, money is money. The question is what do we serve? Where does our allegiance lie? In his First Letter to Timothy (6:10) St. Paul teaches that the love of money is the root of all evil. Note carefully that he does not say money is the root of evil but the LOVE of money. So here are some random questions about whether we serve God or money. What will I do to get money? Lie, cheat, steal, stab others in the back? Give up a job I truly love and am good at that provides well for my family just to make more money somewhere else? What will I do to keep money? Hoard it? Surround myself with things I really don’t need and rarely use? Never feel satisfied that I have enough? Worry all the time that I’m going to lose it? Seldom if ever share what I have with those truly in need? Does my wealth seduce me to think I am self-sufficient, that I don’t need God? To forget to be grateful for

the gift of the talents and abilities that enable me to earn a living in the first place? Honestly answering these questions might show us what place material goods play in our lives. Do we serve God or mammon?


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