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What Kind of Boat Are You?

It has been said that Christians come in three models: rafts, sailboats, and tugboats. First there are the rafts. Basically, they are Christian in name only. They follow Jesus only when someone else pulls or pushes them. Second, there are the sailboats. They follow Jesus, but only in sunny weather. When stormy weather comes, they go in the direction of the wind and the waves. In other words, they follow the crowd more than they really follow Jesus. Finally, there are the tugboats. They follow Jesus regardless of the weather. They go in his direction not only when the wind and the waves serve them, but also when the wind and waves oppose them. Tugboats don’t always travel very fast, but they always travel straight. In our world today, where so much of the current of life flows in a direction opposite to the teaching and example of the Lord, it is easy to be a raft or a sailboat Christian. To go against the current of materialism, individualism, and relativism requires real commitment and courage. But that is what the Lord asks of us with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. So what “model” am I? If I were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict me?


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