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Will You Be Ready?

A woman named Linda Taylor was putting her three tiny tots to bed one night. Suddenly, Peggy, who had just begun kindergarten, said thoughtfully, “Mommy, if the world came to an end right now...”. Linda gulped and said a quick prayer for guidance. “Yes dear,” she said, “go on”. Peggy finished her question saying, “Would I have to take my library book back or would it be okay

to leave it at home?” Peggy wanted to be sure that she had no unfinished business that would prevent her from going to heaven. Her innocent question invites us to ask if we have things left undone that would prevent us from being ready for the Lord. It’s important for us to remember that Christ has warned us that He may come at an hour when we are not expecting Him. (Luke

12:35-40) Is there some act of forgiveness, some reconciliation, some deed of generosity, some wrong that needs to be righted that we know the Lord expects of us but which we have procrastinated in doing? Perhaps we’ve delayed because of the time or effort or personal sacrifice that whatever it is requires. But it’s true for each one of us that a time will come when we will have no more time. All of the Gospels emphasize the urgency of following the Lord, of seizing the day, so to speak. True discipleship is always a “now” proposition. So, what is it that needs to be done now because there may well be no tomorrow?


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