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Keep Trying; Success Comes With Patience and Effort

Fred Astaire was one of the greatest dancers to ever appear in the movies. Particularly with Ginger Rogers, but with other dance partners as well, he performed in a number of smash musical films from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. His grace and style were unparalleled. There’s a dance in the movie Funny Face in which he knocks a top hat off his head with a cane and catches it on his heel. That routine looks so easy on the screen. But it took 30 tries before the camera. When Astaire picked up his hat the 29th time, the film director told him to give up the idea. But Astaire would have none of that. Nothing could make him give up on an idea if he thought it was worth doing. And the final result was stupendous.

In the Letter to the Hebrews we are encouraged to not become discouraged and give up. (12:2-3) Our model is Jesus, who kept about his Father’s business, even when his message was being rejected and ignored. Even the cross could not stop Him. In other words, we should not give up too soon. Of course we must be realistic about things. There comes a time when we might have to admit that we can’t do something. We just really don’t have the talent for something. But we shouldn’t be too quick to make that judgement. With trust in God’s help, we need to keep trying, and we might be amazed at what happens. Many people have thrown up their hands at a time when a little more effort and a little more patience would have achieved success.


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