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Our Gifts to God Include Our Sacrifices

There is a true story told about a missionary who had served for many years on a Pacific island and was very close to the people he served and very much loved by them. The time came for him to

move to another assignment and the people of the island decided to give him a festive going away party. At the party he was given many gifts but one of them was truly special. It was a beautiful sea

shell which was only found on an isolated beach on the other side of the island. The only way to get to that beach was an arduous walk of several hours along the shoreline and around the island. The priest said to the young girl who gave him the shell, “How wonderful of you to go so far to get me such a lovely gift!” A huge grin lit up the girls face as she said, “Long walk, part of gift”. In other words, the effort she expended to get the shell was as much of a sign of her affection as was the shell itself. The same is true for us in our service of the Lord. Even little things we do for Him that require a sacrifice of us are most pleasing to Him due to the sacrifice itself. The widow’s mite was loved by God not because of the amount of money It was, but because of the sacrifice she made to give even that small amount. So in our daily walk with Christ, let us remember that the long walk is part of our gift to Him.


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