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Our lives are sacred stories

The Bible is a library of books: poetry, wise sayings, history, letters and stories. But all the books have one thing in common. They all relate to God who was very much active in the lives of his people. Most of us like the stories best because we get to hear about ordinary men and women as well as great kings and queens who had problems just like us. We get to see how their response brought them closer to or further away from God. Reading their sacred stories helps us when we reflect on our own stories. And this is the important point: we each have our own story which God intends to be a sacred story. The weeks, months and years of our lives turn into the chapters of our story. Few of us reach adulthood without experiencing enough comedy, tragedy, and everyday events to fill our own “sacred” book. What makes it sacred is that in all that occurs in our lives God is present trying to lead us closer to Him and ultimately to heaven. What a shame if we never take the time to sit back and “reread” these pages that continue to shape our future. The great philosopher Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” That’s a rather dramatic way of saying that life is short, and if we don’t stop once in a while to reflect on it, the meaning-the sacred meaning-of our lives will pass us right by. How can we grow as persons unless we look back and learn from our past? How can we grow as Christians if we don’t look back on our lives with the eyes of faith to see how God has been working with us and to see where He is calling us to go? We need to take time for “theological” reflection. We need to ask ourselves where God was in the various chapters of our lives. If you have children, take time to sit with them and reminisce. Help them to see you as the child you once were with your own fears and failings. Share your stories and your wisdom with them. Listen to their stories and teach them the life skill of reflecting on their own lives and seeing them as sacred stories.


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